Who We Are

We are a climate smart focused registered local NGO in Malawi with a mission to improve the resiliency of smallholder farmers, and the overall food and eco-system services, in the face of changing climate through agriculture and environmental-friendly oriented entrepreneurship. We believe in sustainable approaches that include the marginalized groups (youth and women) in crafting solutions to the food and socio-economic challenges faced in their communities due to the effects of climate change. To achieve this, we employ bottom-up holistic approaches to development where change is steered or led by the grassroots and power shifted to the communities.

With this mission, GL’s targets working with high potential but resource restricted individuals and progressive social entrepreneurs (especially the youth and women) in crafting solutions to challenges they face as a result of social economic imbalances and effects of climate change. GL assists rural smallholders to improve their resilience to effects of climate change and achieve a sustainable living by improving local entrepreneurial and agricultural human talents, innovating through new agricultural practices, natural resource based product development and actively engaging farmers in searching for new and profitable markets, increasing awareness on organic farming practices and environmental conservation hence promoting livelihood diversification whilst ensuring the triple wins thus income generation, environmental conservation and social empowerment. We believe in partnership and co-creation, innovation incubation, integrity, learning and knowledge sharing for effective community led social impact innovation and sustainable programming. To achieve this, GL inclusively works to empower progressive youths and women with appropriate skills to address, food and nutrition insecurities; income and livelihoods poverty through implementation of community demand driven green development and business focused interventions and promoting youth employment via social agri and natural resource managment focused innovations and skills development grounded in ecological systems thinking.

Our Core Values

Innovation incubation

We believe that solutions to development problems should go beyond tenets that created them through innovative true to earth inclusive breakthroughs.

Integrity and research

We are guided by the rules of authentic footprints of discovery through promotion of adaptive research for positive social change. We strive at honest in all dealings and value integrity in every undertaking.

Partnership and co-creation

We believe in promoting shared vision partnerships. We recognized that in unity we can drive social innovation further as such we co-create with partners to form coalitions of the willing.

Learning and sharing

Through innovation incubation, outreach, documentation and dissemination – we share and learn experinces that keep us all updated for common good.

Our Vision

A nation with sustainable livelihoods

Our Mission

To improve lives of the marginalized groups through green business and sustainable livelihoods creation.

Our planet has the capacity to provide a growing world population with enough nutritious-varied food and economic development skills for now and the future. However, mother earth is challenged by constraits to sustainable development i.e. climate change; un-fitting everchanging demand for new and development fitting skills, continued loss of bio-diversity, land and knowledge degradation.

GL views that unless development approaches, ecological systems, knowledge creation platforms, livelihood production and consumption patterns respect plenatary limits to carrying capacity and innovate to local needs; such pressures to sustainable development will further increase. This calls for a realistic and holistic bottom-up civic driven development model to address such a range of and complex development challenges.


GL has earmarked organic farming such as garlic farming for community support seed multiplication as well as for commercial purposes on social-impact enterprise approach; creation of Green fund (Ltd) as a development co-financier and GL consult as an institutional operations cost buffer. The green fund and organic farming business comes as an innovative way of sustaining the organization’s future operations and social impact investments.